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Domestic Violence Classes Utah

Looking for Domestic Violence Classes for Utah ? The First 4 Domestic Violence Classes are FREE and there are No Enrollment Fees! Same Day Enrollment. No long, boring lectures! We offer domestic violence classes from 16 classes up to 52 classes. Our classes can be taken 100% online from the location of your choosing.
Hourly requirements for domestic violence classes can vary greatly depending on your situation. Once the classes are completed, you will receive a free Certificate of Completion. We will also provide status updates upon request.  

Frequently Asked Questions about Domestic Violence Classes in Utah :

What are the benefits of taking online domestic violence classes?

Taking domestic violence classes online instead of at a local site can save you time, money and provide additional confidentiality. In addition, you can complete your class on the weekend, evening, or anytime that is convenient for you. You can take the classes from any internet enabled device, such as an Ipad, laptop or home computer. Classes are available for Utah  immediately, so you can start anytime and complete the classes on your own schedule 24/7 so you don’t need to miss any time from your job or from school. The first 4 classes are free and so is the enrollment so you will have no payment due until your 5th week of classes. The opportunity to take a class from home will save you driving time as well as the additional expenses of gas and parking. 

What is the cost of Domestic Violence Classes in Utah ?

Our domestic violence classes have no enrollment fees and the first 4 classes are free. There will be no fees due until week 5 of classes. Each class starting with class 5 is only 21.00. You will need to complete 1 class per calendar week. Our classes have no exit fees and your Certificate of Completion is free as well.

How does the class work online for Utah ?

Simply click on the Enroll Now button to get started. Your first 4 classes are free, so no payment will be due until class 5 with a minimum of 16 classes. Starting with class 5 once you have made payment, the class will become accessible to you. The enrollment and all of your classes will be completed entirely online. You are not required to print anything out unless you need the compliance updates or certificate of completion in printed format. The classes are divided into 3 sections—the video portion, the reading portion, and the quiz portion. The quiz portion allows you to apply the class material to your life and practice the topic covered in the class.

What will I learn?

Our classes are far from boring! Check out some of the Exit Speeches from past participants. The class curriculum was designed to be practical and hands-on to ensure quality classes to help lead to the elimination of violence and/or abuse in the home. Our class curriculum covers all forms of abuse, power and control, gender roles, impact of abuse on children, alcohol and drug use and non-violent problem solving. Classes are educational in nature and not counseling or therapy. Not all areas allow DV classes to be completed online please be sure to check to ensure online DV classes are allowed in your situation.

Can I go back and review the course content?

Once you purchase a class, the link will be made available to you. It may be opened several times as needed to complete the class.

What if I don’t pass the final exam?

 There is no final exam per se. However, you will be completing a final class with an exit speech that contains an overview of all of your classes combined.

Will I have trouble taking this class if I don’t have strong computer skills?

Classes are user-friendly and designed to be completed by a wide range of educational backgrounds and computer skill levels. Thus, as long as you are putting in 100% effort, you should be fine. In addition, the process will get much easier once you complete the first class and understand the simple format. 

Is there a time limit for class completion?

The classes are intended to be completed on a weekly basis. You can complete the class any time on your schedule 24/7. Our classes can be taken in as many sittings as you need to complete your weekly class even from Utah . However, be sure to follow and comply with your specific absence policy and deadline requirements in your situation. Many states have a maximum of absences such as 3 absences during 52 classes.  

How quickly can I receive the Certificate of Completion?

A Certificate of Completion is issued within 48 hours once all classes have been finished and the final class has been successfully completed. In addition, the Certificate of Completion is sent at no additional cost.

What if the court won’t accept this class?

Overall, many situations will allow online classes. However, in some areas domestic violence classes must be completed in person if for court purposes. Thus, we cannot guarantee any area will approve of online domestic violence classes. Also, be sure to check with your case requirements for approval to take an online class. However, if you take the class and then find out that it is not accepted for your situation, we will refund any fees paid within 60 days of enrollment. In addition, no fees are due until your 5th class so this gives you plenty of time to verify you will be able to complete your classes online. The classes are educational in nature and not counseling or therapy.

How do I know this is the best class available?

Overall, the classes are very personal and are taught using a very practical and skill-based approach. The classes are NOT boring lectures! In addition, each class is geared to not just teach you how to stop the behavior that brought you to the class, but also to give you the tools you need. Thus, you can apply the tools to your life to ensure positive, healthy coping skills are used in the future.

In addition, please check with the requirements in your situation to ensure that an online class will be acceptable and meet your specific requirements. Not all states allow online DV classes. We offer from 16 up to 52 Domestic Violence Classes Online for Utah .* First 4 classes free with minimum of 16 classes.

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